Overall thoughts on War, sections 1-6

When I first started reading this novel, I decided to keep my political decisions and ideas as much of the picture as possible. I try to be politically aware, as much as possible, and I was always the one in my high school classes that was debating something or another. I find myself trying to take this book as it comes, and rather than interjecting my thoughts as I’m reading, I just want to focus on what Junger is talking about. After I have finished the book, I would like to examine whether or not it aligns with my personal opinions or not. At the moment, it just seems like a very intriguing piece of work.

The one thing that I’m not sure if I like is the way Junger bounces back and forth with past and present without a real distinction. I suppose its not just past and present but also with specific people and generalized stories. I find myself getting caught up in the descriptions that are interspersed throughout the story. I understand that Junger uses this technique in order to provide necessary background to his story, and I just have to make sure I focus on what is going on.

I was looking forward to this novel before I even started reading it, partly because my brother was always really into war documentaries and films. I have watched my fair share of war movies. So far, this novel kind of reminds me of Band of Brothers. I think they definitely have the personal aspect in common. I will probably recommend this book to my brother after I am done reading it.

So far, I am really getting into this novel. I think it’s because Junger includes such a personal aspect to the people featured in his book. Rather than just being a traditional history book version, we get to see how these people handled specific situations and what the situations were really like. This really hits home with me because I have more than a few friends who are in the military a long with several members of my family. I have become very involved in this novel already, and I am definitely looking forward to finishing it.

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