Several Thoughts

This was meant to be a blogpost for several weeks ago, however, it ended up never being posted so here it is:

First I would like to comment on the end of the Facebook Effect. I am glad to have finally completed the Facebook Effect because the writing style was so factual that I found it hard to skim come of the pages and feel as though I may not have gained much knowledge or insight due to the nature of the book and my feeling the need to skim through it. However, facebook is a very big part of our lives today and it is nice to know how it was created without adding to much ‘fluff’ to the story. I think what I liked most about it was the how much information was provided on the inner workings of facebook, however, after a while the way in which it was told became quite boring. Facebook has definitely affected our daily lives and also communication across the world.  Find it unbelievable that all this was created by a college dropout that didn’t necessarily plan on his ideas becoming this successful.

Iran Awakening is a great change of pace compared to what we just finished reading. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy reading The Facebook Effect and all the information and detais it provided (some of it was very interesting), however, after a while, reading something that goes into such meticulous detail can become somewhat bland. What also sets this book apart from the rest is that it is the first book we are reading that is in a story format as opposed to the rest which mainly provided anecdotes or details.  Even though we’re only two chapters in to reading Iran Awakening I’m already greatly enjoying the book. In this book, it keeps me wanting to read more and to learn more about Shirin compared to the Facebook Effect and Outliers when I just wanted to authors to bring the book to a conclusion since I started to find them somewhat boring after a while. I already find myself enjoying the book very much.

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