What is Success?

After reading part of the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell I’ve noticed that success is achieved because of many factors.  The thing is, that it seems as if some people can get away with doing the minimum and still become successful.  I know that this is not the case for everyone but in terms of getting lucky with money, such as winning the lottery, is that really success?  Dont you have to at least work to be successful?

T0 me, the author seems like he is saying if your wealthy, you’re successful.  I agree with this, but having money is only one type of success.  Money doesn’t buy happiness.  I know that in the future I want to make a lot of money.  But I also want to achieve other goals.  Is Malcolm Gladwell going to talk about any other success?

For example I want to have a successful relationship with God.  Do I need to be born in a certain month?  Do I need to get lucky finding a church (hopefully not)?  Do I need to have a high IQ and be creative?  Another thing, in this case, is it really luck?  Or does God have something to do with a good surprise when you least expect it?  I think that having a good relationship with God can even lead you to other success, such as a successful marriage.  And even in marriage I don’t think that only people born from January to June get married.

One of the factors that do believe in however is hard work.  In most cases of success in any form you need to work hard.  I understand that sometimes people are dealt a winning hand, but again is that success?  I love to hear that people became successful purely because of hard work.  And again, unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.  For instance, with hockey players, like Malcolm Gladwell discussed in his book.  Because some kids were older my a couple of months, it gave them an advantage and allowed them to go further in the sport than others.  However even though they may have an advantage on other kids, they still need to work hard to be better than the kids born in the same month!

I guess I can say that I do agree with Malcolm Gladwell, and he does show his evidence and prove his case as to why people are successful.  I just hope that further on into the book he talks about other forms of success, and explains how they are achieved.  I would like to see if there’s a certain random reason why people are successful in other ways besides making money.

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