How Strong is Cultural Honor?

After reading about cultural honor I began to think about the amount of power it has on people.  If it could drive someone to murder another person, as mentioned in the book, then it must have a great deal of power.  Could cultural honor help people overcome other factors that get in our way of being successful?

Maybe if we were born in the wrong month to play hockey, cultural honor could drive us to succeed.  We may be raised with the belief to never give up, and have an extreme value for this belief.  Just like how the Howards and Turners had an extreme value on honoring their family name.  I would like to think that if you truly never give up, you might end up successful.

But on the other hand cultural honor could really mess up your chances of success.  If the Howards or Turners murdered someone in a city or a place with a value for the law, they would be thrown in jail.  And I don’t think someone is considered successful in jail.  But maybe they would still be successful in their own eyes, or cultural beliefs, because they brought honor to their family name.

I guess thats it though.  Cultural honor is so strong, that it drives people to succeed.  Whatever the success may be considering your values and beliefs.  One person’s cultural honor can be completely different from someone elses, creating two different views of success.

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