The Filter Bubble is helping me to see how structured life is becoming for people in this age. I’m not denying that people were always subject to being stuck in certain bubbles in which only certain information reached them. But this book is letting me realize that getting warped into such bubbles is becoming more and more inevitable.

Before the Internet emerged as something that almost every person not in complete poverty had access to there were information bubbles but at a different extent. For example, long ago before television, telephones, and ease of transportation were available to the mass public, people were separated from other people by land barriers and great distances. This means that the only information about the world that came into someone’s life was the information available pretty much within walking distance, or however far they were able to travel. This is pretty significant considering this is how different cultures form and can be much different from one another. To explain my point further, an example of this effect would be the fact that until recently in human history, the people of New Guinea were cut off from all other parts of the world and only knew about life by the information they received from the people who lived on their island. When Europeans came to New Guinea the local people there were flabbergasted at the amount of information about other parts of the world that was being bombarded at them. This actually lead to what are known as cargo cults in which the New Guineans demanded that the white men share their “cargo” (advanced technology that the local people were amazed by) with them. This is an extreme information bubble.

Even with the Internet around today we are still subject to information bubbles outside of the Internet. This is enforced by the select people that we talk to, what we decided to watch on television, what politicians we decide to listen to, and so many other everyday things. However, as explained in the book The Filter Bubble, it is apparent that personalization on the Internet is taking the affect of information bubbles to a whole new level. This is because the Internet is becoming more and more prominent in our everyday lives. We can now communicate with people, shop, get our news, do our homework, and so many other things on the Internet. At the same time, the personalization the Internet is putting on us is growing faster and faster. All I wonder is how long it will take for the amount of filtering on the Internet and the amount that we use the Internet to collide in such a way that we are no longer able to explore a sufficient amount of information enough to see anything but what we already thought anymore.

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