Your Very Own Internet

The internet is truly an amazing invention. It is basically personalized to each and every individual. It can track each individual’s searches and customize advertisements based on your previous searches. The internet is unlike any other medium compared to newspapers, magazines, or books.

Pariser mentions how the internet tracks your daily activity on the web. Advertisers will post adds on webpages based on your previous searches. This past week I was researching cameras on Amazon, but decided to wait to purchase one until the holidays. Ever since that search, I have been receiving weekly emails from Amazon revealing all of the camera specials and deals that Amazon is currently offering. Every time I log onto Facebook I’ve notice that the advertisements on the side of the page have been geared to my personal interests. I receive many ads about running, Judiasim, Penn State, various artists that I listen too, etc. Although,, very rarely do I actually click on the advertisements. I find them to be a distraction from what I am trying to look at online.

Google News as well personalizes its webpage to each individual’s interest. Google will post what the individual is interested on the front page. I think that this can pose a problem for many people. Overpersonalization will often exclude important news that may not be of interest to that individual. Just because the reader doesn’t find it interesting, that should not mean that the story would be pushed behind the scenes. That reader may want the things that they may be uninformed of on the center of their webpage and personalized pages does not allow that.  This idea of personalizing newspaper covers will also increase the number of viewers for that particular company. If a viewer sees that the company displays their articles of interest on the front cover, the consumer will most likely return to that site. This poses an unfair advantage to online newspaper companies and does not accurately measure their popularity.

I look forward to reading the rest of what Eli Pariser has to say in The Filter Bubble. I have so far enjoyed his simplistic style of writing. I have found his comments about technology to be informative and interesting to read.


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