Targeting You

As I continue to read Elie Pariser’s The Filter Bubble I have noticed that his thoughts about advertisements have directly correlated with what I have been learning in my communications class this semester. Advertisers want your money and they will do anything to convince you that their product is right for you, no matter what it takes. Advertisements try to target the consumers “weak spots.” Pasar says, “People who bought the Iron Man DVD are likely to buy Iron Man II. In my COMM 100 class we discussed that movie producers use key ingredients when coming up with a movie. Movies that have potential for sequences and merchandise, are genres such as action adventure or sci-fi, and have happy endings are some of the qualities that produce blockbuster hits.

When buying particular products such as cameras, consumers will go about picking a particular camera in different ways. Some will read reviews by customers, or experts reviewing the product. Others will go with the most popular product, the one with the best deal, or the brand that they know and trust. I find that when I’m buying electronic products, I use a combination of these methods to decide which brand and model to purchase. First I look at a trusted brand and then I could find myself spending hours reading different customer reviews. I find that customer reviews are better than experts because the experts may be biased to a particular product or paid to write a review. Once I’ve narrowed down a few brands and models inside my price range, I will often pick the one with the best deal. I am all for a good buy when purchasing electronics. I also find myself buying electronics that I don’t necessarily need if I see that it is discounted at a price that I cannot resist.

On a different note, Pariser explains how Google perceives people’s IQ and will personalize your pages based on your own intellectual level. I don’t think that Google has a way of properly measuring someone’s IQ. In my mind, this is pretty absurd. If they’re going to personalize our pages with reading that are geared to our own reading level, how are we supposed to improve? I don’t think that this is a proper tool that Google is implementing.

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