In My Opinion…

After reading both Outliers and The Filter Bubble, it is hard to choose one book that I like better than the other.  One on hand I enjoy hearing about success stories, and bringing statistics into it intrigues me even more.  And on the other hand I also enjoy the learning about how the internet works because it is part of almost everyone’s day-to-day life.  I’m online right now!  And if your reading this you’re online too, but you already know all of this.  However if I had to pick a favorite, I would pick Outliers.

Trying to become an actuary myself, the statistics of the book Outliers interest me.  I am a big fan of statistics.  Taking a statistics class in high school made me even more interested in them.  Finding out all the different ways statistics can be incorrectly taken during surveys was shocking.  Lots of people can be misled.  Actuaries use statistics mostly to predict something.  Most of the time they work for insurance companies.

Hopefully becoming an actuary will help me become successful.  Becoming successful is one thing that I, as well as everyone else, want to achieve in the future.  Reading the Outliers made me hopeful yet nervous at the same time.  I enjoyed the fact that everyone worked hard to become successful.  But the fact that they were also very lucky makes me nervous, because what if I’m not lucky.  Learning about how your birthday affects your chances of becoming an athlete is scary, too.  People born on the wrong day don’t even have a chance to work hard to become successful.

In the end however the book that most interested me was Outliers.  Even though some statistics were scary, information from The Filter Bubble was even scarier.  But I am glad that I learned about how the internet works, at least some of it, with regards to advertisements and how they collect information about the users.  Both books were interesting and I look forward to reading the next book.

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