Millenial Generation (Powerpoint Attatched)- Parth N. Patel

english 015 presentation


The Millennial Generation or Generation Y, is the demographic cohort following the Baby Boom Generation. Some defining characteristics of Generation Y include the growth of technology, diversity, media communication, and social networking. At one time people waited weeks and weeks for responses to letters, but that time has certainly changed. Today people use text messages and emails for faster communication and reliability. Generation Y is also known for the drastic growth of social networking, which has led to what seem deem as impersonal communication. New types of social networking include the growth of Facebook, Twitter, and you tube. These social networking devices help people keep in touch without being face to face with each other. Many relationships of this generation have been created through the use of those social networking devices. The Millennials are also characterized as being both academically and spiritually oriented. Today more than ever more people are going to college and graduating with a degree. At one time it was enough to have a college degree, but in today’s job market sometimes just a college degree is not enough.

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