Review of the Semester

Over the past few months spent in English 15 A, I have most definitely enjoyed the text we have read:

Henrietta Lacks tells the story about the impact of one cancer patient. And how interrelated patient consent, science, education, and human-subject research is. In fact each and every one of us have in some way benefited from the experimentation of the HeLa cells. Likewise, hopefully by the writing of this novel, the importance of informed medical consent will become more important.

Finally, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks encourages us to ask what we’re willing to sacrifice for the greater good of humanity. Are lifesaving medical breakthroughs worth it if we can only get them through such insincere means? Is it fair to study tissues taken from patients who aren’t informed how their cells are being used and aren’t reciprocated in the patents, benefits or profits made on those cells?

Truthfully there is no clear answer. But Henrietta Lacks and her family have put current diseased patients in a much more tangible position to benefit from the laws of fair medicine.

Through Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell,I have learned, being the oldest of three sisters, that it is up to each and every one of us to reach our own potential and recognize the unique opportunities that may just in fact come flying our way.  Even if this then means that we must put forth a massive amount of effort—maybe even ten thousand hours at a time…

Do you realize that ten thousand hours is almost equivalent to four hundred and sixteen days without eating or sleeping!  That is an absurd amount of time but as Gladwell concludes, “anyone can be an outlier if we have a burning desire to excel and are willing to put in the time and effort to get there.”

Lastly, reading The Filter Bubble, I have discovered that we do not choose to enter the bubble.  We blatantly receive information while browsing the Internet or changing the television channel.   When we browse the interne we do not have a choice, we seemingly enter the filter bubble nonchalantly.  There is no escaping it and there is really no way to turn it off…

I have thoroughly enjoyed this semester as it comes to a close this Thursday.  I have learned so much in such a short period of time.  This class, unlike my previous writing classes, has given me the confidence to express myself using my voice.  I just want to say thank you Diana for making such an impact on my collegiate career.  With this new-found confidence I can truly excel.


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