The Books of English 015A

In my final Lector post of the semester, I would first like to credit this course for opening my eyes to the world of contemporary literature. In my previous high school English classes, I was never given the opportunity to read contemporary novels. The curriculum included World Literature, British Literature, and American Literature. None of these courses offered me the opportunity to read new novels like this semester of English 015A did. Reading these contemporary pieces has thrown me into a new type of reading, and I will be sure to continue diving deeper into it.

The first piece of literature that we read in this course was Outliers, written by Malcolm Gladwell. Reading Outliers taught me how American icons and geniuses became so successful in their lives. Gladwell taught me that talent mixed with opportune timing is the formula of success. He astonished me with his amazing correlations and outstanding statistics. Gladwell’s novel was an easy, interesting read that ranks as my favorite book of the semester.

The Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser was the second book in which I was introduced to in this course. Pariser and The Filter Bubble taught me about what the Internet is hiding from me and why research is at times difficult when using Google. This book explained relevant issues to my life, such as why my Facebook page always has so many advertisements and why search engines produce different results on every computer. The Filter Bubble was an interesting read that produced memorable and pertinent information relating to my life.

The last book we read in this course was The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, written by Rebecca Skloot. This book allowed me the privilege to learn about the face behind the HeLa cells that have severely impacted the medical field. This book took me into the actual life of Henrietta Lacks and taught me about her full life story. It was very thought provoking to read about this remarkable woman.

Overall, the books of English 015A were enjoyable; relevant reads that opened my eyes to culture and contemporary reading. These books, and being a student in this course, taught me a plethora of useful information that I will be able to use in the future. Thank you, Mrs. Gruendler, for opening my eyes to culture.

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