Another semester down

Hey guys we are nearing the end of the semester and by looking at all your final projects i think it is clear you experienced Mrs. Gruendlers class the right way. Not only do you learn a great deal but you make some very cool connections with the people that you see every week. I think getting to know  people in your class is a great thing because it helps facilitate great discussions every class and when this final project rolls around it helps many groups with team cohesion. It allows you to feed off of each other to achieve a common goal and that is a very important lesson I’m happy you guys have learned sooner rather than later. All of your projects were literally amazing I’m so happy i got a chance to see them. Its really interesting to see the stance different students take on this project and how they choose to bring what they see to life. Last semester i feel we were very different in our approaches but with every semester you are bound to see the transformation of ideas and how much farther students can take an idea. Great job guys, you made some incredible projects. Proud of you guys and i hope you truly enjoyed this class because it is one of the best. To the TA team its been great working with you guys and i look forward to another Lector semester in the fall. To all the seniors thank you for being here whenever anyone had a question that needed to be answered. You guys started this thing and i am so glad i could be a part of it. In leaving just know lector is in very good and capable hands. We will all watch her for you. Good luck in everything you do, and congratulations on graduating.

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