Hey all!

I hope everyone did well on their finals, and good luck to those who still have remaining exams.

It has been such a good semester, and even though I wasn’t in class much, I can say for sure that this class was a blast, especially considering that it was an 8:00am.

Well with the excitement of the end of the semester, I just wanted to congratulate our Senior TAs who are graduating this semester.

Good luck to all of you and hope your journey onward is smooth and successful! :)

And most importantly, congratulations to Professor Gruendler for another amazing semester and a BIG THANK YOU!

One response to “CONGRATS TO EVERYONE :)

  1. Delusional much? He’s talking about Pinker, not you. If you had half a brain, you would have lenerad to code your “findings” in language acceptable to the zeitgeist. Instead, in the name of “truth”, you wind up a nattering small-time blogger with a white-nationalist publisher, to boot. You will never be invited to the shi-shi parties, nor will you know what real money or fame is. Perhaps you think you will be vindicated in the long run…but in the long run we are all dead!Envious herd, indeed!

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