Golden Rules

The site is intended for ENGL 30 students as well as community members.  Through this blog, we hope to discuss selected texts with one another in order to share ideas and impressions.

Each individual will react differently to these books; therefore, we ask that all visitors be respectful of each other.  We encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions, even if they are different from those of the author of the post.  One of the many advantages of a virtual book club is that we will be able to interchange ideas with a diverse audience.

Suggestions for Good Posts and Comments

  1. Avoid harsh language (such as swearing).
  2. Think about your position: what are your strongest arguments? Your weakest?
  3. Consider why people may disagree with you.  Why might someone agree/disagree?
  4. Try 2 avoid txt lingo (we dont want 2 lose any1 in the abbrvs).
  5. Categories and Tags: If you are discussing one of the books, please check the box next to that book (category).  Use tags for other themes or topics you discuss.  This will be helpful for organizing the discussions.

Happy blogging!!!